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SUC innovation & cooperation project, 2008-2013


AAA/SWITCH transforms visions into reality

A nationally accessible e-Learning database, secure examination sessions, and a Grid infrastructure that encompasses the whole of Switzerland: with these and many other sub-projects in the field of e-Science, "AAA/SWITCH – e-Infrastructure for e-Science" is working hand in hand with the universities to create the foundations for a national IT infrastructure in the academic field.

Target 2013
Networking is a must for education and research in Switzerland if it is to continue to be in international demand. The essential basis for this was created between 2004 and 2007 with the visionary SWITCHaai joint project. AAA/SWITCH, working in cooperation with education and research, is intending to ensure that the requisite key components for fruitful cooperation are in place by 2013. 


A question of character
In the framework of sub-projects from the fields of

  • AAA (extending AAI with Auditing, Accounting and Assurance Levels),
  • VO (support for virtual organisations),
  • Grid middleware and
  • e-Learning,

the traditional universities and universities of applied science in Switzerland, working together with SWITCH, are able to make a key contribution towards completing a major step into the future. An essential feature of all the projects involved is that they must be cooperative, sustainable and innovative in nature.