SWITCH and wikileaks.ch

December 6, 2010 / Marco D'Alessandro

SWITCH, the registry for .ch Internet addresses, is currently receiving a large number of enquiries as to the circumstances under which SWITCH would delete wikileaks.ch. This is governed by law.

As the registry for .ch and .li domain names, SWITCH is not responsible for the content of websites. Whether the content of wikileaks.ch is of relevance for criminal law is a matter for the courts to decide on.

Statutory basis
A statutory basis, such as a court order, is required for the deletion of a domain name.

A domain name is not the same as a website
SWITCH is responsible for registering .ch and .li domain names and makes sure that these can be found in the internet. The server on which a website is stored is located with the web-hosting provider. If an internet address is deleted, the website can still be reached via its IP address (for example: for www.switch.ch).

The website is mirrored
The Wikileaks’ website is mirrored. This means that it remains accessible on different web servers round the globe, even if a hosted website is removed from the web. SWITCH would like to make it clear that the wikileaks.ch website is not hosted by SWITCH.

As a non-profit organisation, SWITCH has been guaranteeing Switzerland’s access to the internet for more than 20 years. Ninety employees work on a daily basis on further developing internet technology, facilitating the exchange of knowledge for Swiss universities and increasing the security of the internet in Switzerland. In 2012, the internet service provider with its head office in Zurich will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.