Overview of the most important services from SWITCH

SWITCH develops services for the Swiss universities, especially in the field of information and communication technologies. Here is a short description of each of its most important activities:

SWITCHlan is the technological backbone of our services. This high-performance network connects all Swiss universities with the internet, with one another and with education and research networks all around the world.

SWITCHaai has become an international benchmark. People belonging to universities can use it to access e-learning systems and web applications with just a single login. Today, all Swiss universities are using SWITCHaai.


SWITCHconnect makes those belonging to the Swiss universities mobile. With it, they can surf the internet and have dependable access to all the didactic materials they need, free-of-charge, at every Swiss university and at more than 2500 public hot spots throughout the country.

SWITCHinteract is a simple tool for interactive web meetings with a PC, headset and webcam.It offers everything that is required for straightforward live teamwork.

SWITCHcast is a highly sophisticated video management system, which has the power to catapult every single lecture into the virtual age. Lecturers can use it to record their lectures, to place them in the internet under the protection of AAI and to offer them to students wherever they happen to be, either as podcast downloads or as video streams.  

SWITCHcert protects the education and research network against cyber criminals and system failures. Our computer emergency response team (CERT) has the job of developing innovative security mechanisms and also assists the Swiss universities in applying the correct protective measures.

SWITCHtoolbox provides members of universities with the most important online tools for virtual project work in a secure environment.