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SWITCHcert strengthens your IT security

Internet crime is a growing threat and one that is confronting the entire business world. SWITCHcert helps companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to protect themselves against the misuse of data and Internet attacks. In the event of acute security incidents, SWITCHcert is in a position to act both rapidly and effectively.

Raising awareness
SWITCHcert keeps those with responsibility for security updated on the current risk situation in the Internet. We help you to implement the correct protective mechanisms against cyber attacks and to notify the customers concerned. It is not just a matter of protecting the network against attacks but, above all, of working out sustainable solutions on a joint basis. In addition, we wish to work together with our customers on enhancing the in-house IT security awareness of users.


Individual protective mechanisms
We offer companies a comprehensive service package, suitably tailored to their specific sector, which can be aligned to their needs: from "forensic analysis" via the controlled simulation of a cyber attack through to in-house training courses. Malicious software programs such as Trojan horses, viruses and worms are monitored and analysed – both rapidly and reliably – by the CERT team, in SWITCH's own security laboratory.