Build on and use our flexible storage options for large datasets

Distributed Storage

We use the open source software Ceph to create a distributed, fault-tolerant and reliable storage network that spans the datacenters in our cloud. Ceph is self-healing, self-managing and allows us to offer Petabytes of distributed, redundant storage that can be used in a variety of ways. Ceph was built for clouds and can handle failures of disks and storage computers without human intervention and without the users noticing a failure or loosing data. Data is stored across hundreds of disk drives, multiple times per data item and checked for consistency on a regular basis.

Ceph allows us to grow the storage pool virtually unlimited by adding more storage nodes and disks. 

Object Storage

Our object storage allows you to store and retrieve "objects" (which basically can consist of anything - files, data, videos) in our cloud. We provide access via HTTPS and the industry standard S3 protocol (created by Amazon). You can access this object store both from virtual machines inside SWITCHengines or make the data available worldwide.

Volume Storage

Your virtual machines can mount block storage of virtually any size. Need a 10 TB volume to store data? Go ahead and configure it, mount it from one of your SWITCHengines virtual machines and use it!