Our Services for Universities

Information is the prime asset of Swiss Universities. The SWITCH Computer Emergency Response Team helps to protect this asset against cybercrime. SWITCH-CERT informs Swiss universities about cyber attacks and coordinates incidents globally. Our goal: ensure a secure knowledge space in Swiss academia.

Protecting the Swiss universities’ IT infrastructure is the core business of SWITCH-CERT. Together with its academic customers’ IT security staff and partners around the world SWITCH-CERT works hard to make sure that cybercriminals are kept at bay.

To create synergies from its customers’ know-how, SWITCH formed the Security Working Group as a platform for security experts working at Swiss universities to exchange information and experience.

SWITCH supports members of the Security Working Group (Security-WG) through the following services:

  • Incident response and coordination
  • Advanced security monitoring of the academic network
  • Regular meetings, training courses and workshops
  • Awareness
  • Threat level monitoring and information on threat levels
  • Advice and advisories in emergency situations
  • Security metrics of their institution