Dossier 20 years of SWITCH-CERT

Spearheading the fight against cybercrime

SWITCH has been fighting cybercrime in Switzerland for 20 years with its Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

SWITCH-CERT was officially recognised by the body that coordinates all CERTs around the world in 1996. This paved the way towards regular membership of the global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams, FIRST for short. SWITCH-CERT is therefore celebrating its 20th birthday in 2016. Making .ch the most secure top-level domain in Europe and one of the most secure in the world is without doubt its greatest achievement.

Information security faces huge challenges today. Once factor driving change in the field of security is the ongoing professionalisation of cybercrime. The second big trend is the digitalisation of society and business. The ability to identify incidents quickly, respond appropriately and effectively, and collect the relevant threat intelligence at both national and international levels is becoming a vital asset. These are the areas in which SWITCH-CERT excels.

SWITCH is working hard to keep developing its national and international cooperations so that it can continue to guarantee a high standard of security. The only way it can win the fight against cybercrime going forward is through more intensive cooperation.