Dossier Community

Keeping track of developments

SWITCH works with the community to ensure that services are developed and optimised in line with our partners' needs.

The SWITCH foundation, and with it the SWITCH community, came into being for the benefit of the Swiss academic network. The community mindset was essential from the outset when SWITCH was formed back in 1987, and the SWITCH community has grown steadily since then to meet ever-increasing needs.

This unique partnership-based approach has been highly successful. The community model works because everyone involved benefits, not just SWITCH. Our working groups (WGs) allow a network of specialists to meet and interact in an environment built on trust and make sure that SWITCH services always reflect the state of the art and can be added to as required.

Studies on the laws of successful innovation processes in large groups conducted by the Center for Collective Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown that more intensive communication leads to better collaboration and ultimately more innovation. This is borne out by the SWITCH community, an unrivalled platform for innovation.

SWITCH is all about the community – we would quite simply not exist without it.