Joint technological success through the Grid

The data-storage and computing-power requirements for teaching and research are constantly growing: increasingly complex computing models need to be captured, exchanged and processed on a joint basis. While Grids solve these problems, they additionally call not only for a willingness to engage in cooperation but also for coordination work and for experience with Grids. SWITCH is able to provide all of this.

Identical rights for everyone
For a Grid to be successful, it is essential to have infrastructure that governs the cooperation between the different participants. This must ensure that all those involved have reliable and inexpensive access to the resources concerned. To fulfil this requirement, SWITCH is working on the establishment of a national grid infrastructure. This is to be developed and operated together with partners from the Swiss universities and the Swiss National Grid Association (SwiNG).


Access via AAI
A Grid can only function if certain central services are provided by a trustworthy body. SWITCH assumes this task for the national Grid teams in the university sector. This includes, for instance, supplying the software, monitoring the Grid infrastructure, providing technical support and coordinating those authorised to access the Grid. SWITCH also plays a key role in ensuring that all those using the Grid have convenient access via AAI (authentication and authorization infrastructure).