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Bright, topical, informative and international – our popular multi-lingual customer magazine, SWITCH Journal.

The magazine appears twice a year and contains reports written by university experts and SWITCH's own employees. It provides information on current projects and research activities, the latest developments at the SWITCH Foundation and, above all, the further development of SWITCH's services for the universities.

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By clicking here you can also download the SWITCH Journal in digital form as a PDF. Simply click on the picture of the front page of the issue that interests you, and it will open up before your very eyes. We wish you an enjoyable read!

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SWITCH Journal October 2011
Focus on e-Identity: En route to a digital educational footprint

SWITCH Journal March 2011
Focus on SWITCH-CERT: Hot on the hackers' heels

SWITCH Journal October 2010
Focus on AAA/SWITCH: Half-time in the Infrastructure Project

SWITCH Journal March 2010
Focus on network: High-Speed to the Jungfraujoch

SWITCH Journal October 2009
Focus on working groups: Please enter!

SWITCH Journal March 2009
Focus on eduhub: We network people

SWITCH Journal October 2008
Focus on AAA: We build infrastructure

SWITCH Journal November 2007
Anniversary edition 20 Years of SWITCH

SWITCH Journal June 2007
Focus on middleware: Enabling transparent access to resources

SWITCH Journal November 2006
Focus on Internet domains: A domain name with ease

SWITCH Journal June 2006
Focus on Network: SWITCHlan for data

SWITCH Journal November 2005
Focus on e-Academia: In the overtaking lane with e-Academia

SWITCH Journal June 2005
Focus on security: Roping up for security

SWITCH Journal November 2004
Focus on the grid: From an electricity grid to an innovative networking service

SWITCH Journal June 2004
Focus on the grid: Understanding the big bang with the grid