One network for all events

SWITCH connects the Swiss universities and research institutes with the Internet – both rapidly and reliably. We also ensure that they are integrated in academic networks worldwide. And what does this require in technical terms? SWITCHlan, a state-of-the-art network made up of some 2600 kilometres of glass fibres.

We make the difference
Organisations in the university environment that opt for SWITCHlan receive a comfortable, all-in package that is specially tailored to their requirements. We take care of providing a reliable connection to research networks worldwide and also supply Internet access. What is it that makes the SWITCHlan academic data network so unique by comparison to commercial suppliers? The answer is quite simple: the people at SWITCH who plan, construct and operate the education and research network with a great deal of commitment and passion. In building up SWITCHlan, we make full allowance for our customers' needs.

List of SWITCHlan Points Of Presence

Always reachable
The highly-qualified employees at the SWITCH-NOC (Network Operation Center) are always pleased to assist customers. SWITCH reacts rapidly and flexibly to disruptions and changing requirements. Specific customer wishes are attended to in a rapid and straightforward manner.