Special deal on video training courses

SWITCHprocure has negotiated a framework agreement with lynda.com that will save Swiss universities a lot of money.

Text: Frank Zehnder, published on 22.03.2016

After rather difficult negotiations, SWITCHprocure notched up yet another success by signing a framework agreement with lynda.com (formerly video2brain) for Swiss universities on 1 March 2016. In addition to standardised terms, the agreement brings considerable savings compared with the previous arrangements.


The US online learning company lynda.com offers a video training platform called video2brain featuring close to 70,000 videos in roughly 1,600 courses from 45 providers in four languages. Some Swiss universities already have a subscription because many of the tutorials cover skills that are essential for students, teaching staff and administrators but not part of the university's regular curriculum. These include photography and image processing; 3D, animation and CAD software; business and business software; design and illustration; IT; marketing; programming; video; audio and web know-how. The courses can be taken individually, within an institution, at home or on the move with mobile devices. Put simply, they are the ideal extension to the training available at any university.

SWITCHprocure surveyed the universities before starting negotiations with lynda.com to gauge demand for the content offered. It found that some 15 institutions were either interested in the platform or already using it.

One institution that will be using lynda.com in future is the Zurich University of the Arts. Licence Manager Simone Welti comments: "It's the perfect time for us to launch the product for our members. We're convinced that it will meet with strong demand." The University is starting off with a contingent of 1,000 licences (in German and English) for its 2,500 students.

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Frank   Zehnder

Frank Zehnder

Frank Zehnder joined the Procurement Team in December 2014 as Licence Specialist. Prior to that, he managed national and international outsourcing projects at Atos (Schweiz) AG. He has qualifications in marketing and business IT.

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