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Your professional solution for connecting up at least three video conference rooms.

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  • GDS number: 00 41 44 268 15 04

SWITCHvideoconf – for professional web conferences in HD quality

Using SWITCH's video conference service, university members can communicate with each other in the web as if they were sitting next to each other. The ideal solution for connecting up at least three specially equipped video conference rooms.

Sharply focused pictures, clear sound
With SWITCHvideoconf, all those taking part in the discussion soon forget that they are not actually sitting opposite each other in real life: a sharply focused picture, high-quality sound and intuitive operation make for a realistic discussion ambiance. Ideal for presentations, discussions or as an easy way to keep in touch with colleagues over the other side of the world.

Videoconferencing SWITCHpoint

Confidential talks in the virtual conference room

With three or more discussion participants, SWITCHvideoconf offers the option of a multipoint meeting: a virtual meeting room, which each participant dials into at the agreed time – either by telephone (audio only) or via a video conference device. A login via AAI is only required for reserving the meeting. SWITCH will be pleased to provide valuable tips and tricks to assist in setting up the technical equipment.