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Using SWITCH's video conference service, university members can communicate with each other in the web as if they were sitting next to each other. A sharply focused picture, high-quality sound and intuitive operation make for a realistic discussion ambiance. The ideal solution for connecting up at least three specially equipped video conference rooms.

Partner and customer information

This expert site contains detailed information on SWITCHvideoconf (features) and participating organisations (participants) as well as a howto to test your local video conferencing room equipment (test device). Usage information for our clients can be found in the password-protected community portal. SWITCH uses the community portal to provide a range of special information and services, and also to offer a platform for technological exchange. SWITCH customers can engage in networking here, discussing technological topics and exploiting synergy effects. Partner and clients can contact the SWITCHvideoconf team directly (contact).

User information and tools

For instructions on how to use your conference room, please contact your local support staff. If you wish to connect more than two rooms, you need to reserve a multipoint conference on the SWITCH MCU. Please use the booking tool on the right. If only two rooms are participating in your call, no reservation is necessary since direct calls don't require a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU).

Hint: As an alternative for web meetings, SWITCH recommends its service SWITCHinteract. Web meetings with SWITCHinteract can be launched from the web browser of any computer with multimedia capabilities. Conference rooms are setup virtually. SWITCHinteract is based on the Adobe Connect software.

 Thank you for your interest in SWITCHvideoconf.

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To register your personal meeting room and initially install the VidyoDesktop client, click this button and follow the instructions.

For help see: http://help.switch.ch/videoconf/

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