Configuration Guide to add Guest Login support to a service

As of 19. May 2015, it is no longer possible to use the Guest Login for new AAI services (for exceptions please write to New services should instead refer users to the Swiss edu-ID, which not only comprises all Guest Login features but also includes additional features and is part of the SWITCHaai federation. Therefore, no custom configuration is needed anymore to allow "Guest" users to access your AAI services. Just recommend such users to create an Swiss edu-ID account and use that to access your AAI services.
Please also consult the page on how to use Shibboleth access control rules for further information on how to restrict access by edu-ID or other users.

The user accounts on the Guest Login service will be migrated and eventually decomissioned. Service Provider administrators who so far have been relying on the the Guest Login will be informed directly how and when the migration takes place.