Join as SWITCHaai Federation Partner

What is a Federation Partner?

Your organization can become a SWITCHaai Federation Partner, if your organization does not belong to the SWITCH Community but you want to contribute to the SWITCHaai Federation. As Federation Partner, you can integrate your web applications into SWITCHaai and they may use the central AAI services required for a smooth operation within SWITCHaai.

Typically, a Federation Partner operates AAI-enabled web resources (Service Providers, SP) and makes them available for the users with an AAI-enabled account at one of the participating Home Organizations that operate an Identity Provider (IdP).
AAI-enabled web resource can be e-learning platforms, web shops, e-journal databases, etc. which make use of federated authentication and do authorize access to their applications based on the information they got via AAI from the Identity Provider of the users home organization.

Participation Requirements

The following entities and organizations may qualify to become Federation Partners:

  1. Higher education and research organizations (both domestic and international) wishing to offer AAI-enabled resources to one or more of the participating Home Organizations; and
  2. Entities and organizations wishing to offer AAI-enabled, education and research-related services to the users, i.e. the registered end users of one or more Home Organizations.

Already Participating SWITCHaai Federation Partners

List all SWITCHaai Federation Partners

Becoming a SWITCHaai Federation Partner

A prospect SWITCHaai Federation Partner has to sign two documents:

In addition, the prospect SWITCHaai Federation Partner needs to be officially supported by a SWITCHaai Participant from the SWITCH Community (a.k.a. "Sponsor") that will also sign the Application Form.
In case the prospect Federation Partner has well established, contracts-based, relationships with SWITCHaai Participants, such an explicit sponsorship can be waived.


The SWITCH edu-ID Service Description is the core document where all rights and obligations are listed, e.g. the 'SWITCHaai Federation Policy' in chapter 5. Chapter 5.2.2 refers to fees. At the moment, there are no fees for becoming or being SWITCHaai Federation Partner Basic.

An organization that joins the SWITCHaai Federation becomes a Federation Partner Basic if it offers only services. Under certain circumstances, it may be permitted to operate an Attribute Provider or Identity Provider in the SWITCHaai Federation. It then becomes a Federation Partner Plus.

Interfederation for SWITCHaai Federation Partners is available as paid option to cover the additional support effort required. Details are available on request.

The procedure to join

SWITCH will prepare the forms to be signed, provided you send us the following information to

  • Organization name:
  • Organization postal address:
  • Administrative contact person for the agreement:
    • Full name:
    • E-Mail:
    • Phone:
  • Technical contact person:
    • Full name:
    • E-Mail:
    • Phone:

SWITCH will then send you the customized documents ready to sign including the SWITCH edu-ID Service Description and the General Terms and Conditions for Services of SWITCH (GTC).

In case of any questions, please contact the SWITCHaai team at

Technical Information

In order to technically join the federation, it is of course necessary to install and configure a Service Provider (SP). SWITCH strongly recommends to use the open source Shibboleth implementation. For that purpose we provide installation instructions and How-To manuals for major platforms.

More on the Federation Partner Service Provider deployment page

SWITCH will get in contact with the Federation Partner to sort out the technical details. Federation Partners can first test the interoperability in the AAI Test Federation before they add their resource to the production SWITCHaai Federation.