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Name preferredLanguage
Description Preferred written or spoken language for a person
Vocabulary see permissible values below
References eduPerson, RFC2798
OID 2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.39
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values single
Example values
  • de-CH
  • en
  • it
  • fr-CH


From RFC2798: "Used to indicate an individual's preferred written or spoken language."

Permissible values

The syntax for preferredLanguage is derived from BCP47:

langtag = language ["-" region]
language = 2*3ALPHA ; shortest ISO 639 code
region = 2ALPHA ; ISO 3166 code

The language tag is composed of a primary language (two-letter ISO639 language code) and an optional region (two-letter ISO3166-1 country code).

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