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Name swissEduPersonStudyBranch1
Description Study branch of a student, first level of classification
Vocabulary controlled, see below
References SIUS/SHIS
OID 2.16.756.
LDAP Syntax Integer {6}
# of values multi
Example values
  • 4
  • 6


This attribute follows the catalog of study branches of the SIUS/SHIS. It is classified in branch, domain of branch and group of domain. This attribute is a code corresponding to the group of domain.

For swissEduPersonHomeOrganizationType = university, possible values can be found in the first column of the uniStudyBranch1.csv file (see Appendix A: 'Study branches for Swiss universities' in the Attribute Specification).

For swissEduPersonHomeOrganizationType = uas, possible values can be found in the first column of the uasStudyBranch1.csv file (see Appendix B: 'Study branches for Swiss universities of applied sciences' in the Attribute Specification).


  • This attribute is meaningful only if the person is a student
    (eduPersonAffiliation = student).

  • The uniStudyBranch1.csv file (uasStudyBranch1.csv) lists possible values of this attribute and the corresponding meaning in German and French.
    Example: the value 1 means that the student is studying in a branch belonging to "Geistes + Sozialwiss." ("Sciences humaines + sociales").

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