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Name swissLibraryPersonAffiliation
Description Type of library affiliation
Vocabulary private, company, guest
References none
OID 2.16.756.
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values multi
Example values
  • company


This attribute specifies the library affiliation of a patron who is neither a student nor an employee of the institution the library is related with. Patrons who make use of swissLibraryPersonAffiliation MUST have the value affiliate set in eduPersonAffiliation.
There are three possible values for this attribute:


Patron is registered as a private person. Patron visits the library physically on a regular basis and/or uses digital resources the library offers.


Patron is registered with an employer relationship. Patron uses library services and/or use digital resources the library offers.


Patron visits the library physically and uses on-site services like Internet terminals.


  • When using swissLibraryPersonAffiliation, the use of the eduPersonAffiliation value library-walk-in is not recommended, unless there is a specific reason.

All attribute definitions in a single document: SWITCHaai Attribute Specification