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For the latest version of our Shibboleth SP training material check out the Shibboleth Service Provider Training page.

VM Images

You will need VMware player (Windows, Linux), VMware Server (Windows, or Linux) or VMware Fusion (Mac) in order to run the following image. Note that in case of VMware Player you need two physical hosts to run both, Test IdP and Hands-on image because VMware Player only can run one virtual machine at a time.

  • Shibboleth Install Fest Hands-on VM image Creative Commons License
    980MB, Login name/password: root/password. Show changes
  • Test Identity Provider/Discovery Service VM imageCreative Commons License
    651MB, Login name/password: root/installfestadmin. Show changes

Install Fest at home

For repeating the instructions on the Hands-on slides, first download the two images above and uncompress them. If you are running them on a single physical host, start them both up and proceed first with the Service Provider hands-on part and then proceed with the Identity Provider hands-on parts. It may be that VMware Player/Fusion complains that the network interfaces are not available. If this is the case, make sure that there is an ethernet cable connected to your laptop (connecting it to a hub should be sufficient).

In case you have to use two different physical hosts for the images, make sure they are connected via Ethernet and both have an IP/subnet mask 10.0.3.N/ where N is a number between 1 and 254.

Before starting with the hands-on session, pick a participation number between 10 and 255. Use this number wherever you see a bold red # in the slides and documents.


All these slides were used during the Install Fests. The typos discovered during the InstsallFests are all fixed. In case you need the original PowerPoint presentations, please send an email to


Some of the following documents were created using Microsoft Office 2004. Feel free to adapt or change any document that contains the Creative Commons icon on their first page/slide (see License section below).

Shibboleth Install Fest August 2012 complete hand-outs Complete version distributed during workshop. (PDF, 38MB)
VM image information and LDAP accounts Word, PDF Creative Commons License
Separate hand-out with hints for debugging, testing and file editing PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Federated Identity Management PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Introduction to Shibboleth PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Shibboleth Service Provider Hands-On PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
AAI Attributes PDF
Resource Registry PDF
Embedded WAYF/Embedded Discovery Service PDF
Solutions for Access Control: Group Management Tool and SWITCHtoolbox PDF
Virtual Home Organization and Guest Login: Creating AAI accounts for users not affiliated with a university PDF
Service Provider Virtualization: Running multiple SPs on the same host PDF
Shibboleth Identity Provider Hands-On: Basics & Installation PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Shibboleth Identity Provider Hands-On: Authentication PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Shibboleth Identity Provider Hands-On: Attribute Resolution PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
Shibboleth Identity Provider Hands-On: Attribute Filtering PowerPoint, PDF Creative Commons License
uApprove - User attribute release consent PDF
Identity Provider Best Current Practices PDF


All linked VMware images on this page as well as all slides and documents that contain the following icon are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License