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An exciting expedition through the network jungle!

Recommended by teachers and embraced by students all over Switzerland, the SWITCH Junior Web Award helped to get the younger generation interested in technology and the Internet from 2007 to 2015.

Taking part gave teachers an opportunity to include practical experience of modern information and communications technology in their lessons.

Students chose a topic and designed their own website based around it. Their work was then put to a public vote and rated by a panel of experts. The best classes could look forward to great prizes and a lots of recognition outside the classroom.

The competition was very important to us indeed. Over its nine years, 1,247 projects were created by a total of 13,784 students.

Foto: Frank Brüderli

The SWITCH Junior Web Award was discontinued when SWITCH pull out of the business of selling domain names to end clients. SWITCH is now concentrating on ensuring the secure and stable operation of the registry for domain names ending in .ch and continuing to provide Internet services to Switzerland’s universities.