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Linked data for the future

Our vision to make distributed research data widely accessible and usable.

The Research Data Connectome project

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Open Science und FAIR Data

Open Science poses new opportunities and challenges to the university community, especially in the management of research data. The establishment of FAIR principles is intended to make scientific data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable

"Open Science stands for a new approach to the scientific process, based on cooperative work and new ways of making knowledge available."

Open Science in Switzerland: Opportunities and Challenges. Swiss Academies Fact Sheets 14 (2)

The Research Data Connectome vision

Accessible, usable research data is the key resource for safeguarding the strength of Switzerland’s innovation and research capabilities. The issue of how to make this research data widely available and sustainable to use as part of the national research capacity led to the idea of a research data Connectome. SWITCH envisages this as a system that links the research data found in research data repositories together with the aforementioned objective in mind, protects the research data, makes it accessible to all target groups and makes use of the data sustainable in line with new methods. 

Bringing the vision to life 

The research data Connectome can only be brought to life in collaboration with the right partners, and with an integrated and concerted approach. In order to flesh out this vision, the SWITCH foundation has made its first move and launched the following two SWITCH Innovation Labs with selected partners:

Comprehensible data quality transparency

Partner: Schweizerische Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften SATW

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Research Data Connectome technologies

Partner: eXascale Infolab at Université de Fribourg

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Linked Data Pipeline

Partner: eXascale Infolab at Université de Fribourg

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Initial concept paper Research Data Connectome

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