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Project work: joining forces, thinking big

New ICT services for universities are developed in close collaboration with experts and users from the academic community. SWITCH coordinates, promotes and actively participates joint development efforts through projects.

SWITCH projects aim to create valuable services for the Swiss academic community. SWITCH collects ideas and requests and reviews them together with university representatives for feasibility and added value. New services should benefit as many university members as possible and be perfectly in tune with users' needs. Projects and their working groups are vital to the success of SWITCH services.

Current projects
  • Long Term Storage Project
    One of the bigger challenges data-intensive sciences and academic institutions are facing is how to ensure data can be stored and managed sustainably long after it is initially generated and used. Dedicated long term storage infrastructure is an important part of the landscape in implementing the data management strategies to support this. A challenge was issued by SWITCH community members to implement a lower cost solution and has been taken up by SWITCH in the Long Term Storage project. 

    This development aims to complement the SWITCHengines compute and storage offer by offering large volume, long duration storage. SWITCH will deliver a pilot service for Long Term Storage in 2019 that should become a production service by 2020. If you have a use case for this pilot, please contact us at coldstor@switch.ch

  • Swiss edu-ID

Completed projects

Swiss edu-ID project