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Working groups: welcoming human input

Pioneering ICT projects are most likely to succeed when specialists from the academic world and SWITCH's experts sit down together to discuss their ideas. Subject-specific working groups provide a platform for this collaboration.

SWITCH has always put great emphasis on teamwork. The Swiss universities and SWITCH work together closely on a number of levels. Many of SWITCH's services are born out of working groups that are normally made up of client representatives and in-house experts. This ensures that services appear in a form that appeals to the academic community and thus receive the support they need from it.

Information on and from the working groups can be found on the individual community portals, which can only be accessed by authorised university members. Selected working groups are described in brief below.


Find out more about our Security working groups:

Universities increasingly need to address the issue of information security. The ISMS Working Group looks into how directives and processes can be used to safeguard and improve it. Members of the working group share their experiences and seek out synergies.

Contact: isms@switch.ch

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Twice a year, this working group holds an IT security workshop that brings security experts from the academic community together with SWITCH-CERT to get to know each other and exchange ideas and information.

Contact: security-wg@switch.ch

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Trust & Identity

Find out more about our Trust & Identity working groups:

The Trust & Identity WG comprises representatives of all SWITCHaai and SWITCHpki participating organisations in the SWITCH Community and the Extended SWITCH Community. This group is informally involved and has the opportunity to provide feedback if there are questions or changes.

Contact: eduid@switch.ch

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Find out more about our Network working groups:

The Network Working Group focuses on the latest network technologies, projects and cooperations. Experts from SWITCH and the Swiss academic community put forward suggestions and take the opportunity to stay in contact on a personal level.

Contact: network-wg@switch.ch

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Researchers want networks to be better geared to their specific needs. Operations would like to provide smarter and efficient network services. The group shares expertise between research, academic ICTs and industry.

Contact: sdn_ws@switch.ch

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Find out more about our Collaboration working groups:

This working group fosters knowledge exchange on e-learning and works together to implement new learning technologies in a sustainable way at Swiss Higher Education Institutions.

Contact: info@eduhub.ch

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The Sync & Share WG would like to encourage the exchange of information on SWITCHdrive (service, use cases, compliance etc) and other Sync & Share services. The aim is to formulate opinions and exchange experiences between IT service staff and SWITCH.

Contact: switchdrive@switch.ch

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Find out more about our Procurement working group:

The IT Procurement Working Group is all about taking individual universities' needs as a basis to work out tailored solutions that suit the entire academic community.

Contact: procurement@switch.ch

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Find out more about additional working groups:

This working group's meetings provide a forum for debating legal issues relating to ICT that are of concern to the Swiss universities' legal advisors. The focus is not only on explanations of the law by legal experts, but also on personal interaction.

Contact: legalteam@switch.ch

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