The simple and secure Wi-Fi network for guests outside the education community

Access the internet with SWITCHconnect

SWITCHconnect offers two solutions for guests who are not members of the education community and want to connect securely to the internet.

CloudGuard MPP

SWITCH offers a captive portal name Multi Provider Portal (MPP) which has been developed by onway. Over the years, onway has extended the portal to many more use cases for guest access and bring your own device (BYOD), and continues to be available.
For further information about MPP, visit the onway product page.

Monzoon SMS

Would you like to offer guests and visitors free internet access while showing the welcome page of your wireless LAN in your corporate design? With Monzoon's Wi-Fi solutions, you design your own access controls, using profiles for time control, content filtering, and bandwidth allocations. For further information about the solution, visit the product page of Monzoon.

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Community Portal

This link brings you to the SWITCH community portal where you can find detailed statistics and information about your services.