An ecosystem of open linked research data creates new opportunities. Enhance your services and tools by leveraging the Connectome Knowledge Graph for intelligent linking of metadata.

The Research Data Connectome 

Linked Data Pipeline to harmonise and structure metadata

The Connectome Partnership has built the Linked Data Pipeline to harvest,  harmonise, enrich and link the metadata of open data resources for research coming from varying spaces e.g. institutional repositories, administrations, NGOs, galleries, museums, archives, and libraries. The metadata is structured and linked using the RESCS ontology, which in itself is continuously adapted to the needs of the research communities. 

Connectome Knowledge Graph to store relationships

The Linked Data Pipeline then stores the structured linked open data in the form of the Connectome Knowledge Graph, a data representation most suitable for research, education, and innovation purposes. This graph contains valuable linked research information on research projects, research grants, datasets, publications, organisations and people.

Connectome API to extract information and insights

The Connectome API then allows the creation of a query library aimed to extract specific information from the Connectome Knowledge Graph. In this way, it enables service providers to fully leverage the linked open data from the Connectome Knowledge Graph and to create added value for scholars and citizens. The first application enabled to use the Connectome API is the prototype discovery platform AskReco. Other use cases are going to be implemented throughout 2021, including the enrichment of the DaSCH Metadata Browser and the Swiss AI Research Overview Platform SAIROP

Connectome AI to enrich value extraction

The Connectome Artificial Intelligence represents a set of techniques such as graph statistics, machine learning, and natural language processing to analyse, explore and enrich the linked open data stored in the Connectome Knowledge Graph. The enriched linked open data is fed back into the Connectome Knowledge Graph. This allows all service providers to extract enriched value from the Connectome Knowledge Graph via the Connectome API.  

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