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We are well prepared when it comes to incident and crisis scenarios. This is because SWITCH operates three critical national infrastructures:

  1. The official .ch registry
  2. The SWITCHlan university network
  3. The Computer Emergency Response Team SWITCH-CERT for IT security incidents

SWITCH also operates other critical services for universities, including the university single sign-on solution SWITCHaai/SWITCH edu-ID. We participate in the relevant risk analyses and are involved in national crisis management.

We guarantee the secure and stable operation of critical infrastructures, as well as other important basic infrastructures for universities. We are following the development of the pandemic in Switzerland on an ongoing basis and implementing further measures where necessary.

As for any on-site work that may become necessary, we have prepared for scenarios that are possible right now.

  • Updates  Make sure that you always use the latest version of the video platform.
  • Links  Do not distribute links to meetings on public channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • User account  Never log in via Facebook or Google. Create your own user account instead.
  • Password  Protect your meetings with a password whenever possible
  • Content  Share confidential content such as files and links only via secure channels or known services outside the video platform.
  • Recordings  Record online meetings only when needed.
  • Browser  Firefox reduces the quality for all participants. Therefore, we recommended using Google Chrome. If this doesn’t work, we recommend Opera.
  • VPN  Turn off VPN during the meeting.
  • Audio  Anyone who is not speaking should switch their microphone off.
  • Video  In groups of more than 10 people, it’s best to switch your video off.
  • Headset  The built-in microphone of your mobile device will pick up sounds from your surroundings, such as traffic or construction site noise. The microphone in your headset, by contrast, will usually only transmit your voice.

You can find the status of all of our services on our monitoring page.

Yes, data transfer within the SWITCHlan university network is running smoothly. 

Many university employees are currently working from home. This means that network traffic leaves SWITCHlan on its way to their houses and reaches them via the commercial internet. Bottlenecks can therefore occur despite the spare capacity in the university network.

Nonetheless, we have increased the Swisscom connection by an additional 10 gigabits per second and expanded our connection to the major Swiss exchange point SwissIX to 100 gigabits per second.

We were able to provide some universities and hospitals with an upgrade to their SWITCHlan connection on 17 March, enabling everyone to work or study from their homes.

Most of us are working from home. All SWITCH’s services can be operated from home via a high-redundancy remote working infrastructure.

SWITCH has set up an internal coronavirus task force that meets every day by virtual means to discuss the current situation, coordinate measures and keep all employees up to date.

Due to the current situation, the list below shows SWITCH events from April through June 2020 only.


Name of event
MISP Trainings 7/8 April Canceled
7th Higher Education Cloud Day 2020 23 April Postponed to August 2020. Further details will follow.
WG SWITCHprocure 14 May

As scheduled.
The event will take place online.

Trust & Identity WG Meeting
combined with
SWITCH edu-ID Update Event 2020
20 May

As scheduled.
If the specific situation persists, the event will take place online.

ISMS WG workshops and
AG MonLog Policy meetings
Until May As scheduled.
The event will take place online.



Availability of selected SWITCH Services



Current status of selected SWITCH services

All other SWITCH services are operating normally



Record and publish lectures

High demand


Watch university courses and more

High demand


Store and share files

High demand


Online Meetings

Video conferencing with screen sharing and chat

Normal operation


Send large files online

Normal operation


Turn your device into a virtual conference room

High demand



High performance research & academic network

Normal operation


Dynamic compute and storage services

Normal operation


Top quality video conferencing

High demand