Storage services that meet your needs – all on the secure SWITCH infrastructure.

Short-term and long-term storage for large volumes of data

As digitalisation advances rapidly, data growth is high and will continue to increase rapidly in the future. Secure storage of this data is becoming increasingly important to the university community.

The Data@SWITCH storage product range caters to a variety of needs, ranging from short-term data exchange to the long-term sustainable storage and distribution of large volumes of data.


«I would like to send large volumes of data easily and securely.»


«I would like to store files, share them with others and work on them together.»

SWITCHengines storage

«I would like to store large volumes of data, e.g. for off-site backups or sharing of datasets.»


«I would like to store data in an archive for a longer period of time e.g. for regulatory reasons, or data management purposes.»


«I would like to make videos available to my students securely.»


«I would like to back up and restore data easily.»

The advantages of Data@SWITCH 


  • Simple cost control
  • For the university community: integration with edu-ID/AAI
  • Free data transmission via SWITCHlan – no ingress or egress charges
  • Secure data storage at SWITCH in Switzerland – based on the Swiss Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR
  • SWITCH is an independent foundation with well-established sponsors (universities, universities of applied sciences and cantons). It has a long-term focus and does not pursue commercial goals


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