Surname   coreshow all attributes
Name surname (sn)
Description Surname or family name
Vocabulary not applicable, no controlled vocabulary
References eduPerson, RFC4519
LDAP Syntax Directory String
# of values single (multi in RFC4519, see 'Important')
Example values
  • Meier-Müller
  • Bauchière
  • von Roten


From RFC4519: "The sn (surname in X.500) attribute type contains name strings for the family names of a person."

From eduPerson: "If the person has a multi-part surname (whether hyphenated or not), store both 1) the whole surname including hyphens if present and 2) each component of a hyphenated surname as a separate value in this multivalued attribute. That yields the best results for the broadest range of clients doing name searches."


  • In SWITCHaai, home organizations MUST provide a single value only: the surname which is used for official communication with that person.

All attribute definitions in a single document: SWITCHaai Attribute Specification