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Name swissEduPersonDateOfBirth
Description The date of birth of the person
Vocabulary date-mday MUST be within the proper range depending on the values of date-month and date-fullyear
References RFC3339
OID 2.16.756.
LDAP Syntax Numeric String {8}
# of values single
Example values
  • 19871022
  • 20021010


Based on RFC3339 'Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps'. Using the 'full-date' format from paragraph 5.6:

full-date = date-fullyear date-month date-mday
date-fullyear = 4DIGIT
date-month = 2DIGIT ; 01-12
date-mday = 2DIGIT ; 01-28, 01-29, 01-30, 01-31 based on month/year

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