Like a different view of the world?

Located at seven times the altitude of Zurich, SWITCH's webcam on the Jungfraujoch offers spectacular views of a glorious mountain and glacier panorama.

Top of Europe

The webcam on the Jungfraujoch offers splendid views located at 3571 metres above sea level. It delivers high-quality video, panoramic photos and automatically generated time-lapse videos. This service is brought to you by SWITCHlan as a byproduct of the fibre optic line to the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch.

SWITCHlan connected this Alpine station to the Swiss education and research network in March 2010 to permit real-time data transmission. The high-bandwidth connection allows researchers to control the measurement systems directly, from any location. Further, it's possible to transfer extensive amounts of measurement data in real-time to be processed at remote research institutes or by using cloud services all over the world.

The webcam ist located on the Sphinx (Jungfraujoch), 3571 meters (11716 feet) above sea level.

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