You need to meet the following requirements to use SWITCHcast:

  • AAA login
  • audio and video recording equipment
  • acceptance of SWITCHcast terms of service


Video can be recorded using either with special recording Hardware (see for recommendation) or any other recording software (e.g. Camtasia, Wirecast etc.).

To upload videos to the SWITCHcast server, you need to start by creating a channel on the server.


A recording can comprise one or two videos, which can be edited before you publish them. You can also edit the metadata.


A recording can be annotated with comments or tags. Anyone who is authorised to view a video can annotate it.

Video management

All videos are stored in series, which can only be changed by the serie owner or an organisation's administrator, who sees all the organisation's series.

LMS integration (plugins)

SWITCHcast can be integrated into Ilias, Moodle and OLAT using third-party plugins.

On-site training

We have found that just one session can be a big help and would be happy to take a closer look at your needs with you.