SWITCHcast Releases

We are continuously working on improving SWITCHcast to best fit you needs.

This is how we proceed:


  1. Garther, consolidate and publish feature requests on the Feature Request Community Forum
  2. Twice a year, we create a prioritized list of feature request and discuss it with the SWITCHcast Advisory Board
  3. The priorities are adjusted based on feedback of the SWITCHcast Advisory Board
  4. We contract suppliers to implement features starting top-down on the list resulting from step 3.
  5. Roll-out of next version of SWITCHcast


There are two major releases per year:

  • January: Maintenance release
  • August: Feature release aiming at extending the functionality of SWITCHcast


Are you missing a feature? Please report this on our Feature Request Community Forum.