SWITCHdrive for IT Services

SWITCHdrive offers the Swiss academic community a secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services. Files can be stored, synchronised, shared and worked on in collaboration with others – quickly and reliably. SWITCHdrive is easy to use with a browser, desktop client or mobile app.

The academic cloud storage services differs from the commercial ones in one important respect: it runs entirely in the SWITCH cloud. It is connected to the academic network, and access is protected by SWITCHaai or SWITCH edu-ID. All the IT resources and users' files are stored in SWITCH's data centres. This is the best way to meet university members' security needs.

Benefits for IT-Services

  • Alternative to commercial cloud storage services developed specially for universities
  • Secure and reliable infrastructure, service operated by SWITCH
  • User files stored in Switzerland in the SWITCH cloud
  • Central support for end-users by SWITCH
  • Create and manage SWITCHdrive vouchers for external project members
  • Adjust quota of switchdrive users (default 100 GB for all users)
  • Create and manage project accounts in SWITCHdrive and assign project owner 
  • New governance tools improving security management for admins

Use SWITCHdrive