Use cases

Wide range of applications

SWITCHengines can adapt to almost every need you have. Here are some examples of current use cases: 

  • high performance
  • big data analysis
  • datapools
  • machine learning
  • compute based research and teachning
  • national services and projects 

Use Cases

Here you can find some of our success stories corresponding to our offered flavors:

"In our research we ask ourselves how to organize the spatial pattern to ensure e.g. a quality of service public in the future…. (by using) SWITCHengines, we can run our systems optimally and have enough power and performance."

Dirk Engelke, Professor of Spatial Development at HSR

SWITCHengines for Machine Learning


SWITCHengines for high performance


SWITCHengines for processing big datasets


"So today we need rather a lot of computing power. These compute tools need to be set up quickly and should easily and flexibly adapt to our changing requirements. And … our institution should approve the tools."

Tara Andrews, Professor of Digital Humanities

SWITCHengines for


SWITCHengines for bioinformatics


SWITCHengines for Compute Based Research and Teaching


"To achieve such high service level, we must guarantee the data availability in a disaster scenario: it must be stored geo-redundant. SWITCHengines enables us now to add more capacity as needed - in a geo-redundant, highly scalable, fast deliverable and cost-efficient way."

Stefan Meichtry, Infrastructure and IT-Security manager / IT-Services, FFHS

SWTICHengines for backup copy to cloud


SWITCHengines storage solution


SWITCHengines VPC Factsheet


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