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IaaS services

GÉANT Infrastructure as a Service framework

What is the scope of the framework?

This framework agreement has been set up by GÉANT for the provision of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The framework is at further accelerating the adoption of cloud services by research and education institutions. Access to the suppliers listed on the framework is via respective European NRENs. In Switzerland only SWITCH can offer customers a portfolio of IaaS services.

Some benefits of the IaaS tender
  • Procurement compliant in EU & EEA (with certain limitations for Switzerland)
  • Legal compliance (EU data protection law)
  • Institutional – supplier call-off contract under local law
  • Invoice billing, no credit card needed
  • Aggregate use discounts (10.000 institutions)
  • Mandatory SAML support (some eduGAIN)
  • Direct peering with GÉANT network - no extra data transport charges


Universities and research institutions establishments in Switzerland. Services are also provided to other organisations, such as local authorities, and commercial sectors, which work in collaboration with these bodies in the areas of education, training or research.


IaaS: The provision of compute, storage, network and related services as a public cloud service. The services should be standardized, highly automated, available on-demand, elastic and on a pay per use basis. Access should be via a web-based self-service portal or API and support multi-tenancy.

Since the EU call for tender regulations do not apply for Switzerland, the conditions are applicable until the call for tender limitations are reached.

SWITCH is acting as a facilitator (referrer capacity) on behalf of its customer organisations and supplier under the Geant framework. Organisations can directly purchase services from the selected suppliers.

Under the terms of framework as set by Geant, IaaS services can be obtained following either a direct award or a mini-competition, at any time during the first forty five (45) months of the framework term. Further to the advice provided in this guide, guidance can be sought from the Institutions’ procurement department or by contacting immo.noack@switch.ch.

This scenario is without re-opening a competition. The Customer can enter into a Call-Off Agreement, without reopening competition where their full requirements are met by any one of the framework providers listed pursuant to the Call-off Terms and Conditions.

A mini-competition is the term used to describe the process whereby framework providers are requested to bid/ submit a tender against more specific requirements relevant to each individual customer.

The framework duration for the Microsoft cloud offering is running for a fixed period of four years from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2020.

All other providers have a framework duration of four years starting from the date of signing the call-off agreement.



Welcome to the digital single market for cloud services!

The GÉANT Infrastructure as a Service framework explained in 2.5 minutes.