SWITCH edu-ID Team

The SWITCH edu-ID team, formed by the people listed below, is happy to help you and answer your questions.
However, end users may already find the answer on the Help & FAQ pages.

Name Role
Andres Aeschlimann Head of 'Trust & Identity'
Rolf Brugger Product Manager SWITCH edu-ID, deputy project leader Swiss edu-ID
Christoph Graf Solution Consultant SWITCH edu-ID, project leader Swiss edu-ID
Thomas Lenggenhager Federation Management, Attribute Specification and Hosting of IdPs
Petra Kauer-Ott Communication, Coordination Swiss edu-Id project
Thomas Bärecke Software Engineer
Etienne Dysli-Metref Software Engineer
Lukas Hämmerle Software Engineer
Daniel Lutz Software Engineer

Support and Questions

Please have a look at the pages for organisations, for services or for users and the help & FAQ pages  before you contact us.
If this didn't help, the best way to contact the edu-ID team is to send an e-Mail to eduid-support@switch.ch or to call +41 44 268 15 50 (users) or +41 44 268 15 10 (organisations & services). This assures that the correct person can answer your question.