SWITCH edu-ID Governance

As the Federation Operator, SWITCH operates the SWITCHaai Federation and consults both the SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board and the Trust & Identity WG.

SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board

The SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board includes representatives of the most important stakeholder groups, including representatives from the SWITCH Community, political bodies in the field of education and SP Operators. The SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board acts as an advisory organ concerning the long-term strategy of the SWITCH edu-ID service.

SWITCH consults with the SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board concerning topics such as:

  • which categories of Federation Partners should be accepted
  • which categories of Federation Partners may operate an IdP or AP
  • interfederation agreement
  • planning of the future development of the SWITCH edu-ID and the SWITCHaai Federation, and administrative and technical optimisations
  • changes to the administration of the SWITCHaai Federation or this Service Description, and other documents specific to the federation

The SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Board has no decision-making authority. SWITCH decides on the composition of the SWITCH edu-ID Advisory Boards. 

Currently the Advisory Board consists of the following people:

Stakeholder Group Mandate and Current Representative
Higher Education Institution
Central IT Services
Mandate by ASIUS, FID or PH-ID:
Niklaus Lang (FHNW, by FID) chair
Bruce Colombet (Université de Genève, by ASIUS)
Higher Education Institution
Mandate by ASIUS, FID:
Higher Education Institution
Resource Owners/Service Providers
Mandate by SWITCH:
Roberto Mazzoni (Universität Zürich)
Legal Departments Mandate by SWITCH:
Anna Kuhn (SWITCH)
University & Scientific Libraries Mandate by Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries:
Andreas Kirstein (ETH-Bibliothek Zürich)
Mandate by Swiss Library Network for Education and Research:
Christian Oesterheld (SLiNER, Zentralbibliothek Zürich)
Higher Education Institution
Continuing Education
Mandate by Swiss University Continuing Education (swissuni):
Nicolas Chappuis (Université de Neuchâtel)
Higher Education Institution
Alumni Organisations
Mandate by an Alumni umbrella organisation:
Toni Schmid (FH Schweiz)
Christoph Witzig (SWITCH)


Trust & Identity Working Group

The Trust & Identity WG comprises representatives of all SWITCHaai Participants and SWITCHpki Participants in the SWITCH Community and the Extended SWITCH Community. This group is informally involved with the further development of these services and has the opportunity to provide feedback if there are questions or changes.

Members of the Trust & Identity WG find more information in the access restricted SWITCH Community Portal.