External Services

For certain tasks the SWITCH edu-ID service relies on commercial companies that offer specialized services. In order to work and achieve their goals, these services need some data.

Find below a list of these external services, for what edu-ID relies on them and what data they may receive if you use certain features of SWITCH edu-ID:

Service Company Usage Description Data that service receives
Bouncer Bouncer Ltd, PL Passively verify e-mail address of user.
Purpose: Find out if address is still working or if it should be deleted
Bouncer receives e-mail addresses that it then tries to verify. It reports back if e-mail messages are likely to be deliverable to this address or not.
Pingen Pingen GmbH, CH Send postal letter with token to user.
Purpose: Verify postal address of user
Pingen receives the recipients name and postal address to send a letter to. The letter typically contains a random-generated one-time password that is used to verify the address of the recipients.
SMS Gateway Mocopay GmbH, DE

Send SMS text message
Purpose a): Verify mobile phone number of user
Purpose b): Enable user to log in with a second factor

The SMS gateway receives the receiver's phone number to send the text message to as well as the message itself, which consist typically of a random-generated one-time password.