SWITCH edu-ID for organisations

Join the standardized identity solution for the academic sector

Benefits for organisations

Organisations don’t need to operate an own IdP 

The Identity Provider (IdP) is the place where end users get a token which they can use to access some service, usually in exchange for giving their username and password. In order to do this, the IdP needs access to the user directory of the organisation, and is therefore often operated by the organisation itself.

Some organisations chose to procure IdP Hosting from SWITCH and stopped worrying about up-to-date versions, correct configuration etc. of their SWITCHaai Shibboleth IdP.

The SWITCH edu-ID takes this idea even further. The SWITCH edu-ID IdP can mimic or act on behalf of any organisational IdP, when it comes to attribute delivery. The SWITCH edu-ID IdP is operated by SWITCH.

Swiss academic organisations interested in adopting the SWITCH edu-ID may want to read further.


The SWITCH edu-ID covers not only the user groups in the well known user directories (regular students and collaborators), but also former externals like guests or students in continuous education.

Anyone can get their (basic) SWITCH edu-ID. This is their personal, user centric and lifelong digital identity they will use for authentication at all the services in SWITCHaai. They can add one or more affiliations or roles to that basic digital identity by enrolling at some organisation. Services may demand such affiliations in order to give access.


Organisations can realize their one-identity-concept. In particular, they can recognize the individuals, even when they change roles.

Every SWITCH edu-ID account has some identifier(s) that can be used for that purpose.


Infrastructure and user data under full control of the SWITCH community. Organisations and their users keep the control over their data.

This is guaranteed by the SWITCH edu-ID governance and by the self-provisioning of the personal data.


Organisations can profit from features implemented once and at one place (Two-Step Login, other protocols like OIDC, ORCID Linking, User Consent, security and data quality monitoring, etc.).

The SWITCH edu-ID is continuously being enhanced with additional features guaranteeing the widespread and futureproof use.


Organisations are in line with important national services that are relying on the SWITCH edu-ID.

More and more national services are relying on the SWITCH edu-ID for secure authentication. Shall we add your academic service as well?