Upcoming Adoptions at Universities

Confirmed adoption dates

(empty lines are vacant time slots)

Organization Date
PH Zug (PHZG) 7. October 2020
ZHB Luzern (zhbluzern) 16. October 2020
Universität Basel (UniBas) Tuesday 10. November 2020
Hochschule für Heilpädagogik (HfH) Wednesday 25. November 2020
PH Graubünden 2. December 2020
  (Jan '21)
Université de Lausanne (UniL) 10. February 2021
  (Febr. '21)
Universität Bern (UniBE) 1.-12. March 2021
  (March '21)
HEP Vaud (HEPL) 7. April '21
  (April '21)
  (May '21)

Unconfirmed adoption dates:

  • PHSG, Dec 2020
  • UniGE, Dec 2020
  • FHNW, Mar 2021
  • HES-SO, Jan-Feb 2021

Important notice

The changeover to edu-ID is a critical moment. In order to ensure a high quality of the process the following guidelines apply:

  1. SWITCH can migrate a maximum of two universities to the edu-ID in one month, and not two in the same week.
  2. In order to allow sufficient time for special events, the following work must be completed one month before the changeover:
    • Development of the linking service at the university
    • Successful test of the linking service
    • Development of attribute synchronization (push or pull)
    • Successful test of attribute synchronization (all attributes required for AAI/edu-ID are synchronized correctly)
    • Successful testing of critical SPs (via edu-ID Staging IdP)
  3. first come first served - a university that sets a definitive changeover date has priority.