Internal Identifier

For internal use only

The swissEduID SHOULD NOT be exposed to users!


The Internal Identifier ("Unique Identifier") is an attribute called swissEduID and is a 128-bit number, represented as 32-digit, hexadecimal encoded number including leading zeroes and with four separators.


  • 6c17b073-3e37-4c4a-83c8-be85ee353d23
  • f5b0c371-115c-4a84-ac8f-2cfe24b1aff5
  • 4c09e224-8fb3-4984-ba72-75dba7d98e03

See details in attribute specification.


A swissEduID Internal Identifier is issued when a SWITCH edu-ID account is created.
The creation of a SWITCH edu-ID account together with the associated swissEduID can be initiated

  • by self-registration and filling-in a form on a web site, or
  • by deriving a SWITCH edu-ID account from an active digital identity like AAI
  • by an organisation for its current members or parts of them (this case is only foreseen for organisations adopting SWITCH edu-ID with scenario "Link Curent Members at Day X")