SWITCH edu-ID for universities

Simplify the registration process and use the standardised identity solution for the academic sector.

Benefits of SWITCH edu-ID

  • Widely established identity solution across all universities

  • Integrated with identity management of universities

  • Flexible data quality for low-threshold registrations as well as for services with high security requirements

  • Compatible with other relevant identity networks

  • Valid indefinitely for lifelong learning

User-centric identity

Identities are created and managed by users.

Control by universities

Universities supplement with information such as:

  • university affiliation
  • field of study
  • matriculation number

Universities realise their "one identity" concept with SWITCH edu-ID.

Developed with and for Swiss universities

SWITCH edu-ID is the established standard at Swiss universities.

Integration in Identity Management

Integrate SWITCH edu-ID into your existing identity management processes:

  • entry (onboarding)
  • status changes (updates)
  • exit (offboarding)

How to get SWITCH edu-ID

Adopting SWITCH edu-ID is a three phase project: We will provide support in every one of them.

Phase 1 – Planning

An organization-specific intergration plan is elaborated. The university sets the goals of the SWITCH edu-ID adoption, and identifies requirements, opportunities and risks. Based on the analysis of the current IT infrastructure and identity management (IdM) processes, an adoption concept in conjunction with a time and resource plan gets developed.

  • Introduction
  • Risk evaluation
  • Workshops

Phase 2 – Technical implementation

The adoption concept from Phase 1 gets implemented. This includes the adaptation of registration processes for onboarding organizational members as well as the exchange of attribute information between the organization and SWITCH edu-ID.

  • Getting started guide
  • Examples
  • API documentation (SCIM)

Phase 3 – User transition

Current organisation members are migrated from the organisational AAI account to SWITCH edu-ID.
Target group aligned communication and user support are main success factors.

Successor of SWITCHaai

SWITCH has been successfully offering a Single Sign-On solution for years: SWITCHaai
With SWITCH edu-ID, we are taking the next step.

Single Sign-On    
Two-Step Login (2FA/MFA)    
Non-web/mobile support    
Custom attributes    
Usage after leaving university    



Already using SWITCHaai?

Learn how to migrate your existing SWITCHaai installation to SWITCH edu-ID.