SWITCHengines for education

Are you a lecturer or responsible for the education department at a university who is looking for easy-to-use compute and storage resources? Do you want to focus on your teaching and not on procuring, installing, maintaining and recycling “under-the-desk” hardware? Or do you want to offer students the possibility to use compute resources in your classes without the hassle of setting up and maintaining computer rooms or providing mobile devices yourself?

Then SWITCHengines can offer you the following benefits:

  • Giving access to VMs to a large number of students for interactive use at well defined times and costs
  • Simple administration and automated setup of a large number of students and/or VMs
  • Adaptive usage and charging model with no up-front investment
  • Cost limiting options for all resources used by students.

In addition you get the following advantages:

  • All data protected under Swiss law and located only in Switzerland within the academic community network
  • Full control by the institutions, including a flexible usage and charging model corresponding to the budgeting needs
  • Strong influence on governance via the SWITCH Foundation council
  • Direct backbone connection to the SWITCH network and data transfer as well  as ingress/egress at no cost
  • Multi-year charging models with discounts

Please note that you are entitled to a special discount for education use in the above form.


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Next Event
IT for Research Day September 2019, Fribourg

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Past Events 
IT for Research Day September 2018, Berne

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Research IT day June 2017, Lausanne

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Event for Big Data & Faster Research April 2017

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Event for IT services and Researchers October 2016

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Events for IT services in May 2015

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Events for Researchers and Lecturers in June 2015

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Basic infrastructure for funded projects

Projects funded by swissuniversities' program "P-5 Scientific information" can use the compute and storage services created by this project free of charge. Projects can be accommodated within the limits of available capacity until August 2018 (subject to agreement with SWITCH).

Data lifecycle management (DLCM)

Currently the University of Geneva, which is responsible for the national long-term preservation infrastructure, is working on the architecture and its proof of concept (POC) of an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) compliant system. For that, there is a need to benefit from cloud services such as proposed by SWITCHengines. The POC of that system is realized on SWITCHengines.

For more information about the DLCM project, see: http://www.dlcm.ch

e-Science Coordination Team Project, University of Zurich (formerly eSCT, now EnhanceR)

University of Zurich, a partner in the e-Science Coordination Team (formerly eSCT, now EnhanceR) project has been using SWITCHengines for several data analysis tasks in a Cloud bursting setup:

  • Biochemistry: Docking Ligands to Proteins with rDock
  • Business: Process social network data through Natural Language Processing tools
  • Geography: Process GPS data in an RData file

The SWITCHengines service helped the Science IT team of the University of Zurich to satisfy peak requests for computing resources.

For more information about the EnhanceR project, see https://www.enhancer.ch/

National e-Infrastructure link for Switzerland (NeI-CH)

The NeI-CH project has started to run physics related computations on the cloud infrastructure. The simulations are tested for their fitness to the cloud infrastructure also with regard to particularities and new possibilities compared to the traditional HPC environments.

For more information about the DLCM project, see: http://lhep.unibe.ch/neich/

-> Subproject TmLQCD (Twisted Mass Lattice QCD)

TmLQCD is a Hybrid Monte Carlo implementation for Wilson and Wilson twisted mass fermions and inverter for different versions of the Dirac operators, is fully parallelised and tested successfully on various modern architectures.The goal of this exercise is to make some exploratory studies on the features of particles on low-energy regions.

-> Subproject GEANT

Geant4 (Geometry and Tracking) is a platform for simulation of passage of particles through matter. It is a standard tool for design and simulation of particle physics detectors, also used in medical and space physics applications. The outcome of this exercise will be a master thesis on muon background simulation for a neutrino experiment. The general Geant4 image created, can in the future be used in other applications.

-> Subproject ATLAS Simulation

The ATLAS Simulation is also based on Geant4. The detector geometry is described and the interactions of the particles with the different layers of the detector is simulated. This is included in the general ATLAS software framework (Athena). The outcome of the exercise is to produce real simulated events as part of the general ATLAS Monte Carlo simulation campaign. This requires the transparent integration of the ATLAS framework with the cloud infrastructure.


SWISSUbase is a national cross-disciplinary solution for Swiss universities and other research organisations in need of local institutional data repositories for their researchers. The platform relies on international archiving standards and processes to ensure that data are preserved and accessible in the long-term. SWISSUbase is a collaboration by FORS, University of Lausanne, University of Zurich and SWITCH.

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