SWITCHengines Features

What can you expect from SWITCHengines?

With SWITCHengines you can

  • build a server infrastructure for services. By default we offer Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows servers
  • build complex infrastructures for your service or computing needs - anything from a highly scalable web service, to a Hadoop Cluster, to a testbed for the design and testing of network algorithms
  • provision Virtual Machines for all students in your class room
  • run complex computation on large data sets
  • instantly create virtual machines in various flexible sizes - from 1 core up to 16 core machines with RAM to match
  • instantly create block storage devices (i.e. virtual hard discs) that you can mount to those machines - it doesn't matter if you need 10 GB or 10 TB of disk space - we have you covered
  • store and retrieve "objects" in a distributed object store that is accessible via HTTPS and conforms to the de-facto Amazon S3 API
  • run public facing (web-)services