Community-driven managed analytics platform for IT, Security, and DevOps Services with cutting-edge Data Analytics.

Automate Your Security

SWITCHsonar is a reliable analytics service for your data, providing automated monitoring, alerting, and reporting. The platform supports your IT, security, and DevOps experts in building a resilient enterprise and lowers the response and resolution time of incidents. SWITCHsonar is a state of the art, flexible, scalable, extensible, and affordable data analytics platform. The platform is built, operated, and continuously developed by SWITCH. This managed service is geared towards the research and education sector.

How You Will Benefit




Thanks to continuous, 24x7x365, and real-time monitoring capabilities, you save valuable time during triage, analysis, response and resolution.


Keep mission-critical infrastructures and applications running by identifying and resolving problems early and in real-time.


We reduce your operational costs and support you with specialists and know-how.


Put your experts to work on solving issues instead of running the platform.

Service Integration

Receive SWITCH service data and information directly in your platform, providing you with timely insight into your SWITCH services. For example, data from the SWITCH-CERT report or threat information.


The service is operated according to Swiss compliance requirements.


Influence the future development of SWITCHsonar.


Platform as a Service

SWITCHsonar is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution hosted on SWITCHengines – the Swiss academic cloud. The managed service is based on a reliable multi-site data cluster infrastructure. Your data remains in Switzerland at all times. All data is available in real-time and is stored for up to 90 days. SWITCH can directly deliver data, detections and reports related to your organisation; or provide you with access to general information such as Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and look-up lists. Information can be quickly made available using dashboards customised to your needs, supporting you with valuable visualisations, statistics and the results of correlations.

SWITCH Community

SWITCHsonar is a community-oriented solution with a long-term commitment. Benefit from swarm intelligence. Share your experiences with like-minded people and develop common use cases. For example, in logging, monitoring or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).


Possible Service Extensions



SWITCH performs detection, alerting and reporting of your standardised use cases.


Data Retention

Increase the data retention to support long-term analysis, to fulfil compliance requirements, to enable predictive analysis, etc.


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Are you interested in automating your security? Please contact us for a non-binding discussion or a demonstration of SWITCHsonar.

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