New powerful ways to search for, discover and organise linked open data. The Connectome Knowledge Graph will enable the exploitation of open research data through a variety of services and tools.

Explore the design prototype for AskReco, the discovery platform

On the AskReco discovery platform, users will be able to create personalised dataset searches, discover new connections and curate collections. 

Users will get insights on scholarly datasets, publications, projects and researchers, by leveraging linked open data from different kind of repositories, administrations, NGOs, GLAMs and much more.

Researchers are participating in the entire prototyping process and are consulted during various stages of the development process.

Watch the video of the AskReco prototype, and let the persona Clementine show you around the platform.

DaSCH Metadata Browser 

The Data and Service Center for the Humanities (DaSCH) archives research data and makes these projects discoverable and visible through a dedicated metadata catalogue and a configurable presentation environment. By leveraging the Connectome Knowledge Graph, it will be possible to enrich the DaSCH’s metadata catalogue with information on resources related to each project. For example, publications from other projects on similar topics.

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