Registration form customization

The edu-ID registration form and login form can be customized to improve integration with edu-ID enabled services.

Registration of a minimal edu-ID account

After the initial creation of a SWITCH edu-ID and the verification of the email address, the user is sent back to the SP. This is the default behavior.

In special cases, users might want to proceed to their 'My edu-ID' profile page after the successful registration of their edu-ID. Users will find the link to their profile page in the email they received during the email-address verification process.

Customization of the edu-ID login and registration pages

A user who intends to use a service but does not have an edu-ID account yet can be immediately redirected to the edu-ID registration form to create a SWITCH edu-ID. This registration form is hosted by SWITCH and therefore looks different than the service the user is supposed to access with his edu-ID. In order to harmonize the appearance of the and thus improve the user experience for new users in the registration process, the SWITCH edu-ID login and registration form can be customized to some extent. The purpose of the customization is to

  • clarify the context of the registration and login forms
  • provide the user with necessary background information
  • offer help to the users should they get stuck or have questions

Customization is currently applicable for the following edu-ID web pages:

  • Login form at SWITCH edu-ID IdP
  • Registration page(s) where the user creates an edu-ID account by providing his name, email address and password

Customized login form


The following sections can be customized

  • login-logo-url: A URL to a logo (ideally in SVG and PNG format). Max height: 60px, Width: 30px - 400px
  • login-logo-link-url: URL of page that should be linked to when one clicks on logo. Default: Start page of the institutions homepage
  • login-outro: A description text with more detailed context information in html format. The text can span multiple lines.

Customized registration form


The following sections can be customized:

  • reg-logo-url: A URL to a logo (ideally in in png format). Max height: 60px, Width: 30px - 400px
  • reg-name: A short description. The text length should be max 1 line. Filename: reg-intro.txt, reg-intro-LANG.txt
  • reg-intro: A description text with more detailed context information in html format. The text length can be multiple lines.
  • reg-tou-amendment: This text is a replacement for the user consent dialog. It should basically say that the user agrees on first login (when) that the above user information (what) is sent to the service (where) for what purpose (why). If this text is not empty, the user consent dialog will be suppressed. The usage scenario for this feature is that if a user creates an edu-ID to access an SP, he or she intends to access the service and may be irritated by a subsequent user consent dialog.
  • reg-outro: A description text with more detailed context information in html format. The text length can be multiple lines.
  • returnURL: URL to send the user back to after creating an edu-ID account. It is also possible to directly force the user after account creation to login directly with his newly created edu-ID account and send him to a Shibboleth protected page.

Register a custom view for your SP

  1. Complete the following information
    login-outro.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-logo-url.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-logo-link-url.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-name.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-tou-amendment.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-intro.[en|it|fr|de]= reg-outro.[en|it|fr|de]=
    An example could look like:
    login-logo-link-url.en=ür die Anmeldung an der ZHAW benötigen Sie einen SWITCH edu-ID Benutzer-Account.<br>Wenn Sie noch keinen Benutzer-Account haben, können Sie sich jetzt einen erstellen.
    login-outro.en=For registration at ZHAW you need an SWITCH edu-ID account.<br>If you don\'t have one already, please create it now.
    reg-logo-url.en= Anmeldung
    reg-name.en=Student Registration der ersten Anmeldung mit meiner edu-ID werden die oben eingegeben Daten (ausser Passwort und CAPTCHA) zu Zwecken der Online Anmeldung an die ZHAW Hochschuladministration gesendet.
    reg-tou-amendment.en=The first time I login with my edu-ID account the data I enter above (except password and CAPTCHA) will be sent to ZHAW student administration for the purpose of the student registration.ür die Anmeldung bei der ZHAW müssen Sie zunächst eine SWITCH edu-ID erstellen.
    reg-intro.en=For registration at ZHAW you need to create a SWITCH edu-ID first. die Registrierung abzuschliessen zu können, erhalten Sie eine E-Mail mit einem Bestätigungslink. 
    reg-outro.en=To complete the account registration you will get an email with a confirmation link.
  2. Send the above information to with the request to register the custom view.
    SWITCH then will need 1-2 working days to create the custom view.
    The custom view will typically first be created on the test instance of the edu-ID.

Please note that all text should be UTF-8 encoded. HTML tags can be used but we recommend not to use other tags than: p, br, strong, a.
The supported languages include for now only 'en', 'fr', 'de' and 'it'.

Use/link to the custom view

The custom view will automatically be displayed on the edu-ID login page when a user is accessing the SP for which a custom view was defined. When the user then clicks on the "Create Account" button, the custom view also will automatically be shown on the registration page.

If you prefer the process to start at the registration page directly (by linking to the edu-ID registration page directly), the custom view can be shown by adding the following parameters to the URL of the registration page:

  • providerId (or deprecated 'entityID'): the URL-encoded entityID of the service (e.g. https://my.service/shibboleth)
  • target (or deprecated 'return'): URL to send the user to after registration/login
  • lang (optional): the preferred language of the registration form. Only the following values are supported: 'en', 'fr', 'de' or 'it'

Example: the customised registration page of in French, that will finally redirect the user "to this": redirect url

Please have a look at the edu-ID Link Composer to easily generate these (and more) URLs related to edu-ID login and registration flows.

Language support

The language for the login and registration page is selected as follows, and in this order:

  1. based on the availability of the custom language files. If a custom view only includes english [en] and German [de], the user won't be available to select French [fr]
  2. based on the lang HTTP GET parameter of the registration form. This parameter sets a edu-ID language cookie. If the lang parameter is not set:
  3. based on any 'lang' cookie that the user previously set for the domain
  4. based on the language preferences set in the browser (which sets the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header).

The user can select the preferred language in the login and the registration form. This then sets the edu-ID language cookie.