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Ticket 20070820_2

Ticket Number: 20070820_2Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2007-08-20 14:45Ticket Closed: 2008-01-16 14:16
Ticket Description: TeliaSonera International Carrier: U.S. backbone issues

Problem Description:

TeliaSonera International Carrier, one of our "upstream" providers, experienced a fiber cut in their U.S. network in the early hours of Monday. This caused congestion from some parts of the global (in particular U.S.) Internet towards SWITCH.


From 2007-08-20 12:40 until 2007-08-20 14:44
Impact: Degraded connectivity


2007-08-21 14:42
U.S. connectivity through Telia seems to be fine again, so we close the ticket.

2007-08-21 08:32
TeliaSonera tells us that both problems have been fixed since 4 o'clock this morning. We have reverted the routing configuration to normal, so that we receive U.S. traffic from Telia again.

2007-08-20 20:49
Latest news from TeliaSonera about the fiber cut near Cleveland, Ohio:
* According to their supplier, the fiber-optic cable was damaged intentionally.
* An entire 1.2km span of (60-strand) cable will have to be replaced and re-spliced.
* The new cable has been ordered and should arrive on site around 2100 Swiss time.
* There is a flood warning for the Cleveland area which may impact the time it takes to repair the cable.

2007-08-20 15:13
TeliaSonera informs us that there are two problems on their backbone: An important cable was cut near Cleveland, and an optical amplifier failed in Alabama. Repair operations have started for both failures. For the moment, we keep routing the return traffic through our other providers until we hear that both issues were resolved.

2007-08-20 14:44
Our BGP routing announcements towards TeliaSonera are now decorated with a BGP community that precludes Telia from passing these announcements across the Atlantic. Therefore, traffic from the U.S. now reaches us through our other providers (Global Crossing and Level(3)).

2007-08-20 13:53
We received a customer complaint about some sites being hardly reachable (www.computer.org, www.redhat.com, and others).

2007-08-20 12:43
TeliaSonera informed us about the problem.

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