Shop for cloud services online. For students, lecturers and researchers.


Commercial cloud services

Use Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Suite and other services on preferential terms.



Academic cloud services

Use services developed and provided by Swiss universities.



Virtual servers

Use SWITCHengines, Amazon Web Services and more.

Your university’s SWITCHhub offers a carefully chosen range of cloud services to facilitate learning, research and innovation.


What is SWITCHhub?

SWITCHhub is a marketplace for services such as Office 365 and Adobe Creative Suite, among others.

Universities can source services from the marketplace and make them available to their users in their SWITCHhub online shop.

The platform is operated by SWITCH in Switzerland.

For university members

Enjoy preferential terms on services such as Office 365 and manage your subscriptions yourself.


For universities

Offer your students and staff a single platform for purchasing software and other services.


For providers

Offer your services in SWITCHhub to target the Swiss university community.

Cost-effective and efficient

For universities, negotiating contracts is a complex, time-consuming and regularly recurring process that has to be run separately with each provider.

We negotiate contracts with commercial providers on behalf of all universities. This gives us more bargaining power.

University members, students, lecturers and researchers therefore benefit from better terms and are able to find everything they need in one place.

Cloud specialist

SWITCHhub mainly offers cloud software. Differences compared with conventional software:



Subscription for a certain period

Latest features available immediately

Often with special collaboration options

Licensed to the user

Can be used on any number of devices



Purchased once

Installed on the device

No feature updates

Licensed to the device

Can only be used on a limited number of devices


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