Service Provider for SWITCHhub

Solutions Providers benefit from the fact that, the SWITCHhub will make it possible to offer consolidated services for the right end users (potentially >300,000 users).

Your benefits as an academic digital service provider

The SWITCHhub allows each institution to share its services with others so that all parties can benefit from the resulting scaling effects throughout the higher education landscape.

  • Central access to 300,000+ university members and connection to the SWITCH edu-ID
  • Full marketing, legal and sales support from SWITCH to partners and their end customers
  • Transparent functionalities for usage statistics and billing
  • Role in designing SWITCHhub governance, e.g. with reference to services, quality evaluations and regulations
  • Collaboration and networking with colleagues from other institutions

Your benefits as a commercial digital service provider

  • Central access to 300,000+ university members
  • Solution dissemination among the right end users
  • Market access to the heterogeneous academic world
  • Transparent functionalities for usage statistics and billing
  • Service feedback from end users
  • Potentially deeper integration reduces process problems

How to become a service provider

Are you interested in becoming a SWITCHhub service provider? You’ll need to follow these three steps:

  1. Following the initial contact, SWITCH will check whether your service can be offered and marketed via the SWITCHhub platform. The criteria here are mainly technical and organisational.
  2. If your service is suitable, you can also benefit from legal, technical, marketing and sales advice to make your service as attractive as possible for the end user.
  3. This will be followed by administrative onboarding on SWITCHhub. During this step, all the technical and administrative cornerstones of the service will be implemented directly on SWITCHhub.



Become a Service Provider

Would you like to become a Service Provider on SWITCHhub? Get in touch with us.